Silicone Covering Undercoat

Description:It establishes a binding bridge between the paint and surface, reduces paint consumption. It prevents water and moisture permeability to a great extent. It prevents the paint on surface of fresh concrete to be spoiled and swollen by the carbonates (salts) formed on the surface. It is universal and can be used in all processes involving water-based paints. It contains white pigments and covers the surface excellently. It saves time in color transitions.

Areas of Use: It is used on all kinds of cement-based and plastered wall surfaces and surfaces such as brick, concrete, etc. It is inconvenient to be used on plastered surfaces.

Preparation of Surface Before Application: If there is old, loose and / or blistered paint on the surface, clean them. If there is an oily, dusty dirt layer on the surface, clean it. Scrape away bulges and asperities on the surface. Repair the fractures and cracks on the surface with acrylic based putty or cement based plasters.

Packaging Type: 2,5 L. – 7,5 L. and 15 L. plastic bucket