ÇB 10


Description: Two-component, special liquid polymer reinforced, cement based waterproofing material with special admixtures. Suitable for contact with drinking water.

Application: The surface should be sturdy and cleansed from all dirt, dust, oil, grease, cement slurry, loose and moving pieces. There should be no holes and voids on the surface. Shake component A before use. Add approximately half of component A into the mixing bowl and slowly add component B with low speed (max. 500 rpm) mixer. Add the remainder of component A and continue stirring until a lump-free mixture is obtained. Before application, the surface should be heated and water-logged but there should be no water accumulated on the surface. Apply the first coat in the same direction. Apply the second layer ÇB10 with brush on the first layer perpendicularly as soon as the first layer is hardened.

Packaging: 20 kg powder (Gray) + 5.5 kg liquid

Color: Grey