Silicone Interior Wall Paint

Definition: ÇBS Plasmatt is a matte, highly covering, strongly adhesive, easily spreading, silicone, highly breathing, water based, emulsion, top coat interior wall paint.

Areas of Application: It can be safely used on plastered, gypseous and concrete interior surfaces.

Surface Preparation Before Application: If there is old, loose or swollen paint coat on the surface, it should be cleaned. The cracks on the surface should be filled with acrylic putty. Raw surfaces should be undercoated with one layer of Izobinder before application. Surfaces on which paint or undercoat will be applied should be clean, dry and free from dust, and there shouldn’t be excessive wind or air flow in the application environment. Surfaces which are not dry should never be painted. Surface and ambient temperature should be within the range of 5° and 30° C during application.

Packaging Type: 2,5 L. – 7,5 L. and 15 L. plastic bucket