Synthetic Undercoat Paint


Description: ÇBS Piramit Primer is a synthetic oleo-resin based primer used on all kinds of interior walls, metal surfaces and wooden door and window frames under the top coat paints. It smooths the surface, increases adhesiveness and durability of the paint and saves from paint (Class 1). It is highly adhesive, durable and has high covering power.

Areas of Application: It is used for surface protection, preparation of the surface for topcoat paint and provide savings of topcoat paint on all kinds of plastered and undercoated wooden surfaces.

Surface Preparation Before Application Surfaces to be painted and undercoated should be clean, dry and free of dust, and there should not be excessive wind or air flow in the application environment. Surface and ambient temperature should be within the range of +7° and 30° C during application.

Packaging Type: 0.7 L. 2.5 L. and 12 L. metal packaging